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সালিস ( সংশোধন) আইন, ২০১৮ সংশোধনকল্পে প্রণীত আইন এর খসড়া সবার মতামত প্রদানের জন্য প্রকাশ করা হল

 নিম্নের ইমেইলে মতামত প্রেরণ করতে অনুরোধ করা হলঃ

মুখ্য গবেষণা কর্মকর্তা





Law of the land in a dynamic society requires to be constantly reviewed by an authority to be manned by persons having adequate and thorough knowledge of law and the society. Thus the need to establish a law reform agency was felt by different countries at different times and Law Commissions have been set up to fulfill the need. The Law Commission in Bangladesh came about in that historic process. Launching of this web site on the part of the Law Commission is an attempt to inform the people about the Commission and the jobs carried out by it so far. It is an unending process and it will be updated with the addition of  Law Commission orks as will accumulate with the passage of time.






                                     মুখ্য গবেষণা কর্মকর্তা- 




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